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Dome Camping Tents
Dome Camping Tents for sale

Dome Camping Tents

The Inflatable Transparent Bubble Tent is the Ultimate outdoor abode. Make your own outdoor luxury hotel or anywhere you go. Bring it camping, to your music festival, stargazing, or just leave it in your backyard for your enjoyment!
Product Detail

Dome Tent is constructed with special high-strength steel pipe made from 6061 carbon steel. Its hardware surface is either galvanized or spray painted. Material for the canopy tent is PVC. All those determined its features including waterproof, fre-retardant, UV-resistant, and anti-aging.

Its lifespan is up to 15 years long. It can also be upgraded with a series of optional accessories, for example, glass door, window curtain, thermal insulation layer, electronic window, foor, ventilation fan, etc.

Basic Information

Product Size:Diameter can be customized from a range within 4 to 80 meters.

Canopy tent material:850gsm White PVC, fre-proof and UV resistant, Flame retardant rate DIN4102B1, M2

Temperature resistance of PVC:-30℃ - +70℃

Door: Standard is (1) PVC door. Each dome tent can have up to (5) doors.

Door material options : Glass or PVC

Hardware options:Standard is stainless steel tube. Other options include painted iron tube and galvanized tube


- Dome tent is a brand new star in tent family and has become an international favorite in glamping.

- It provides luxious living condition for outdoor camping and can effectively improve popularity of scenic spots

- There is absolutely no supporting poles/structure inside the tent, allow maximum inner space without the need to worry about its stability.

- In addition to spacious room inside, a better living experience can be achieved by application of some optional equipments, for example, floor, inlaids, glass window and glass door, lights, etc.

Dome Camping Tents

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