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Expomax Straight Wall
 Dec 01, 2020|View:126

Our tube tension fabric systems are a great alternative to stand back wall displays. The best sell shape is straight wall. It is made of full aluminum tube with a polyester fabric dye-sublimation printing graphic. The tube diameter is 32mm, and 1.1mm thickness. Quickly assembled in just around 5 minutes, slide the tubes together to make the frame and lock in place with a push button snap. Then simply pull the pillowcase-like graphic over the frame and zip it shut. The zipper is hidden from view, tightens the stretch fabric flatly and beautifully displaying your image.

We have three standard sizes, 8ft, 10ft and 20ft, and we make standard height 7.5ft. We can also make customer sizes. We use a black carry bag to pack the frames and graphic, it is a padded carry bag which will protect products very well during delivery. It is light weight and easy to carry.


The straight wall can be used for many places and events.

Firstly The straight wall can be used for your exhibition show to present your company information, your products, slogan, etc. It can be well attracted by clients eyes. It can be recycled used if your company will attend exhibition shows regularly, which will save your marketing cost.


Secondly you can use the straight wall for photo booths. See my nice images below. One good thing, we have plenty different designs for you to choose if you buy our frames. Most important thing is that all the designs we have will be free to you. You will find the designs you like.


Then the straight wall can be used for events, like wedding party, birthday party, etc. We also can provide you different free designs to you if you order frame. See our nice pictures here.