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EZ Outdoor Round Alu Tube Pavement Sign
 Dec 01, 2020|View:151

A new round pavement sign for outdoor use. This is a new products and the mainly material is Aluminium tube with 1.1mm thickness and then with a heavy water base can fill in 23L water. Fabric use mesh fabric with dye-sublimation single printing or double printing.

The water base can over 23 Kgs stable use in beach. Very important, the frame can be made by any customized size and customized shapes. There is a rotation axis inside the base, so the frame can rotate freely in the wind. And mesh fabric is very ventilated,so it can withstand the 5 level typhoon.

Here make a detailed introduce for outdoor round alu tube pavement sign.


Except these shapes, we also have other customized shapes, some can use for the bar.