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 Dec 02, 2020|View:128

While our life is still clouded in the darkness of coronavirus pandemic, aren’t you excited to have some fun in the yearly celebrated Halloween. Though it’s still one and a half month away, it’s always great to have something to anticipate in our hearts.

Adults or children, attending parties in costumes or knocking your neighbor’s door to play trick or treat with a carved jack-o-lantern in hand, the fun is all the same. Festivals, in most circumstances, is about community and human interaction. Distancing ourselves from social activities because of the pandemic seems to start to become a habit. But deep inside, everyone of us craves attention and social interaction. Actually, it’s NOT risky to go outside and enjoy the world as long as you have yourself well-protected.

Wouldn’t it be great to wear a Halloween themed face masks? It not only protects you from the virus but also fits in with your Halloween costumes.

If you are looking for a cool and scary Halloween face mask, Expomax can definitely help. We have been focusing on providing high-quality and comfortable customized face masks since the breakout of covid-19. Our S048 series is well accepted by the market. Give us your design and we will get you the mask you want.

If you do not have a designer, don’t worry. Below is a long list of pre-designed face masks. Just go through it and let us know what you like!