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How to choose outdoor display flags
 Sep 06, 2021|View:70
outdoor display flags are: long, short, wide, narrow, round, square, thick, thin, large, small, black, white, red, yellow, purple, green, blue, gray, all kinds of styles and fancy, not only let you see the same, but also let you lose your way after two eyes: how to choose outdoor display flags?

In the selection of a wide variety of outdoor display flags on the market, it is said that the insiders see the doorway, the outsiders see the hustle and bustle, do not see outdoor display flags fancy, competition, but for non-professionals, how to choose the most suitable for themselves in the fastest time, and the most cost-effective outdoor display flags, indeed, for the market economy competition a discipline of learning.

outdoor display flags

Do not rush to order, do not blindly follow the popular outdoor display flags on the market in order to save trouble. shoes fit only you know, things are good, but the wrong place to use is just a pearl, even if the outdoor display flags are good, it is never the best solution.

With years of experience in the advertising industry, bellavim provides professional standard services to customers with thorough consideration. We choose the style and type of outdoor display flags according to the preferences of different customers.

1. Choose the shape of outdoor display flags according to the customer's preference: feather flags, beach flags or square flags

Feather flag printing area is small, suitable for simple patterns, but the screen is taut and flat, even if the wind is strong, it can still show the promotional content well. Beach flag printing area is large, suitable for Chinese traditional aesthetic habits, and the flag has a sense of motion when the wind is strong.

2. Determine the height of outdoor display flags according to the space used

For outdoor use, it is recommended to choose a taller outdoor display flags, medium (3.5M) or large (4.7M) is more suitable; for indoor use, you can choose according to the space height, usually small or medium can meet the display needs. Of course, if you consider the cost issue, the shorter the height, the lower the cost.

3. According to the use of the environment and outdoor display flags to determine the height of the flagpole base

Outdoor hardened road, the recommended use of disc base, cross seat, iron plate or water tank (according to the budget and personal preference to choose); if it is a large outdoor display flags, windy, then it is recommended to choose 15KG iron plate or water tank; even 15KG iron plate with water bag, water tank or disc base (bellavim's water tank is available with other bases) (bellavim's water tank can be used with other bases, which is bellavim's exclusive design). Beach or grass, it is recommended to choose the straight ground plug, cheap and most practical. 4.

4. according to customer requirements and budget to determine outdoor display flags to do single-sided or double-sided printing

outdoor display flags single-sided printing is the main side, the reverse side for the penetration of the past color; double-sided printing is both sides are printed separately, can be exactly the same pattern can also be designed into a completely different pattern, the publicity effect is better, but the price is about twice as high as the single-sided. So according to the customer's specific design requirements and budget to determine.

Teardrop Flying Flag

After bellavim's professional and detailed guidance, we will no longer be caught off guard and confused when facing the choice of outdoor display flags. Professional things should of course be left to the professionals, bellavim is committed to the production of outdoor display flags for 18 years, has been adhering to the concept of high quality, reasonable prices, timely service to serve more than 40 countries and regions in Europe and the United States, has become a leader in the same industry. Every drop of water has its own ocean; every advertisement has its own unique carrier.