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Features of Canopy Tent and the reasons for its widespread use
 Sep 18, 2021|View:49

Canopy Tent, is propped up on the ground to shelter from the wind and rain, sunlight and even temporary housing canopy. Mostly made of canvas, Oxford cloth and other materials, easy to pull up, a few minutes to complete the installation, easy to carry Canopy Tent is suitable for outdoor exhibition, exhibition, celebration rally, open-air banquet, travel and leisure.

10×10ft Canopy Tent

Advertising Canopy Tent is printed on the Canopy Tent information about products, companies, etc., the appearance of bright colors, simple and generous, with good publicity and attractive. So what are the characteristics of advertising Canopy Tent and why it can be widely used? Follow bellavim to learn more about it!

Features of Canopy Tent and the reasons for its wide use.

1. Advertising Canopy Tent fabric are used waterproof anti-aging, super thick Oxford cloth, steel frame solid can be wind and rain, not easy to fall. The interior of the cloth top is lined with a double layer of cloth, more wear-resistant. Full retractable bracket pergola, umbrella contraction, installation. Easy to carry, lightweight and durable, casual writing, can be placed in the back of the car.

2. No time and place restrictions, as long as there is a need, you can carry for installation at any time. Can provide a place in the outdoor activities, can avoid the use of the wind, sun and rain and other factors to avoid the impact of the product placed within a very good protection. And also can provide a display prop for product promotion, to promote the product to create a promotional environment, to promote the product to increase a promotional window.

3. Advertising Canopy Tent focus is to highlight the "advertising", advertising Canopy Tent can be printed according to the characteristics of the enterprise related information out of the effect is clear, realistic, the face of the sun does not fade; tarp color also has a variety of choices, bright colors, placed outside more eye-catching. Than television, network advertising used less money, suitable for small and large enterprises, has a very good publicity effect.

4. Advertising tent size is more, you can choose a more satisfactory and suitable tent. The material of tent and bracket can also choose more high-quality.

10×15ft Canopy Tent

Canopy Tent can be used in the following places.

1. Exhibition and display projects: events, press conferences, opening celebrations, corporate image display, industry exhibitions, product tours, conference exhibitions, academic seminars.

2. Exhibition activities venue design and layout: booth backdrop, banners, choreography design and production and other scene production.

3. outdoor activities supplies rental, tables and chairs rental, tent rental, audio rental, lighting stage rental services.

4. Truss construction, rental services. Thousands of meters of board wall.

5. venue layout, meeting to provide supplies services, meeting planning.

6. Outdoor activities supplies rental, activity planning, layout.