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What are the materials of outdoor display signs
 Sep 28, 2021|View:208

outdoor display signs is a common means of publicity, such as residential communities, hospital outpatient clinics, colleges, institutions, enterprises are set outdoor display signs to carry out health education knowledge, cultural and artistic publicity planning, public announcements, notices, etc., the production style is also a variety, the following bellavim for you to explain how many types of outdoor display signs material in the end?

outdoor display signs

One, stainless steel outdoor display signs

At present, generally all applications, stainless steel plate, this kind of raw material to carry out custom-made. Compared with the traditional, the outer frame of the bulletin board plus the stainless steel plate, so that can be very good to ensure that this kind of frame does not rust, and can be very good to enhance its service life.

Second, galvanized plate outdoor display signs, also called iron accessories bulletin board, public announcement

Galvanized plate is the surface of a layer of zinc plated thick steel. Is a often chosen economic development and reasonable way to prevent rust, outdoor display signs with galvanized plate advantages key reflect the following levels.

1, long anti-corrosion period, long lasting and durable, but not the same natural environment in the anti-corrosion period is not the same.

2, the solution cost is low, the cost of galvanized sheet rust prevention is lower than the cost of other paint coating.

Outdoor Round Waterbase Sign

3, the coating is ductile, maintenance and stability is good.

Three, aluminum alloy profile outdoor display signs, can be opened to hang wall

This kind of aluminum alloy type material outdoor display signs overall structure is very solid, thus has a strong impact resistance work ability, so aluminum alloy type material outdoor display signs have a relatively long life, and aluminum alloy profile type this raw material itself is very low relative density, thus the color is more light, another aluminum raw material and Another aluminum raw material and the carbon dioxide inside the vapor body touching the case will automatically convert into a layer of very high density compound plastic film, this layer of sodium hydrosulfate plastic film can have very very good anti-corrosion practical effect.