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The difference between Banner Stand and X-frame
 Oct 14, 2021|View:90
Banner Stand is our common poster stand, display stand, it is a kind of erected promotional posters.

Product material.

Aluminum alloy, adhesive backing, plastic steel, PP synthetic paper.

Product process.

The bottom of Banner Stand is a roll, there are springs inside the roll, it is possible to roll the whole picture into the roll, when open the easy to pull out the picture directly, in the back with a stick to support.

Banner Stand

Product features of Banner Stand.

1. Simple shape, alloy materials, economical and practical, cheap, can replace the screen many times.

2. Easy to operate, light and portable, easy to transport, storage, easy to install.

Banner Stand's products are suitable for.

Sales, meetings, publicity, exhibitions and other occasions, is the highest frequency of use of the most common portable display tool.

Banner Stand and X-frame have the same purpose, both are used for advertising in public places, events, or stores, etc. Banner Stand and X-frame are small, delicate and portable, not only can be disassembled to replace the screen, but also can be used repeatedly for a long time. The two are similar, but at the same time there are differences.

As the name implies, "X-Stand" is named after the "X" shape of the skeleton that supports the screen from the side. Its characteristics are simple shape, convenient transportation, rapid installation, economic and practical, is a light and fast advertising carrier. The weight of the display frame is less than 1.5kg, and it can be installed within a minute, which is very convenient. Commonly used size is 60*160cm, 80*180cm, X display stand is easy to install, can support a large area of spray painting picture, and has high cost performance.

Tube Banner Stand 612x2280 EM17B2

Tips on the difference between Banner Stand and easy-to-open display

1, Banner Stand will have a certain gap between the screen and the ground, while the easy to pull the treasure is not.

2、The X-stand needs to make 4 small holes around, but Banner Stand does not need to make holes, and the effect of the screen may be affected when there are holes.

3、After a relatively long period of use, the four sides of X-frame are easy to roll, while the paper of Banner Stand still has better stretchability after a long period of display, and is less likely to roll like X-frame. Therefore, Banner Stand is more suitable for relatively long time display.

4, the final presentation of the X display stand, the angle between the screen and the ground is generally between 70-80 degrees, there is a clear sense of tilt, while the Banner Stand screen and the ground angle is mostly between 80-85 degrees, relatively speaking, more upright, the screen performance is better.

If it is not a special case, it is recommended to use more Banner Stand products.