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5 core points you need to know before buying a portable backdrop stand
 Oct 19, 2021|View:193
What are the core points you need to know about buying a portable backdrop stand? This time, we have summarized 5 of them, let's take a look.

Point 1: Differentiation - When developing marketing and merchandising strategies, it is important to be different.

The root of the word "differentiation" is "difference". Embrace ingenuity and make your portable backdrop stand unique.

As portable backdrop stands become overcrowded and users' attention spans become shorter, differentiating products becomes increasingly important. Out-of-the-box thinking and creative design of the portable backdrop stand becomes an effective way to capture the attention of shoppers.

Being different also ensures great display space without competitors.

Tube Banner Stand

Point 2: Tell a story - Everyone has a story.

Most good stories connect with us on an emotional level. This is important because many buying decisions are based on emotional connections. Making the right emotional connection with a shopper can go a long way toward driving sales.

Likewise, the right portable backdrop stand can help you tell your story in a compelling and memorable way.

You can let your company tell its story by embedding an LCD player in the main structure of the portable backdrop stand, adding graphics that help reinforce your company's story. So that the customer understands in more detail the reason for creating this display.

Point 3: Turn your promotional message into a powerful tool to attract customers.

When creating your promotional message, keep the following principles in mind.

● In most cases, you only have 2-3 seconds to capture the shopper's attention.

● Customers usually do not like to read. Use pictures and graphics instead of text whenever possible.

● Keep your message short and clear.

● If your product has unique features, it is best to point them out. It is best to focus on the benefits of those features.

● Remember the value of storytelling.

First and foremost, make sure your message is relevant. That is, customers need to be able to relate to your message in a way that they can understand and easily relate to what your product can do for them.

Point 4: Authenticity - Customers are very concerned about authenticity.

Designing for authenticity in branding, packaging and portable backdrop stands requires strategy. portable backdrop stands can convey authenticity through the materials you choose.


Point 5: Focus on the customer's needs

Focusing on the outside is more important than focusing on the inside. This is a good lesson for companies (and for all of us). Many companies have products or technologies to find problems, but the most successful companies are usually those that first identify a problem and then create a solution for that problem. The best approach is to start with a detailed understanding of the customer's needs and then work backwards to create a product or solution that meets those needs. The same is true for portable backdrop stands. Does your target customer care about sustainability? Does your sales approach need to incorporate specific product or category education at the point of sale? Does the store you are targeting have enough expertise staffed to assist with sales, or does your display need to be independent to drive sales? Staying focused on your customer's needs and doing your homework will help ensure that the portable backdrop stand maximizes sales while helping you build your brand.