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How to make Trade show display get good results
 Nov 03, 2021|View:49

One thing that trade shows have in common is that they are packed with major brands desperately trying to stand out from each other. To do this, is to design a distinctive Trade show display. trade show display build design to stand out among many similar exhibitions it, bellavim think can be done from the following 3 aspects.

Trade show display

1、3D display logo

3D exhibition signage is a growing trend among brands in multiple industries. The reason it is so popular is that it is different. It provides depth and dimension, which is not usually found in their trade show exhibit graphics. 3D exhibit logos can be subtle or large and in your face. The fact remains that 3D exhibition logos work to attract people's attention.

2、Backlit display logo

Whether you choose a 3D logo or not, a backlit exhibition logo brings a whole new element to your show. The light makes people notice your logo and message. No doubt, even in the dimly lit exhibition hall, you see who is Trade show display. it also gives an interesting impression. Among the three core elements of trade show design, light is one of the more important ones. Using light in your Trade show display, including on your exhibit signage is a great way to attract more attention to your booth and increase pedestrian traffic.

3. Make your Trade show display big, bold and bright

Let's face it, no one will notice neutral colors and yellowish exhibits. That's why it's important to make your trade show signage big, bold and bright. Adding a few pops of color to a neutral color palette is a great way to gain exposure. This can break up the monotony of a woodwork exhibit or a plain white exhibit. Think about how you can use color to enhance your exhibit with this simple change.

10ft Trade show display

A successful booth design and build is your calling card, and Trade show displays can help you leave a lasting impression of your brand in front of customers, prospects and potential customers. For more tips, ask bellavim for help and we can offer to design something special.