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Size of banner stand and precautions for use
 Nov 09, 2021|View:44

The structure of banner stand is a base of a scroll, and from the ground up is a telescopic column with a buckle at the top of the column. When used, the scroll will pull out an upright poster to attract the attention of passersby. banner stand is suitable for conferences, exhibitions, promotions and other occasions. As a means of advertising, it can play a huge role in attracting customers or viewers. It is one of the most commonly used and common portable exhibition equipment. When we walk on the street, there are some upright posters supported by stands, also known as banner stand.

5ft Round Banner Stand

The banner stand is a common promotional device that we use. It is more flexible than traditional posters. It can stand stably on the ground and be placed in any place where there are many people to attract more viewers.

The main reasons for the popularity of banner stand are: firstly, it is made of alloy, simple in shape and low cost; secondly, it is lightweight and light, easy to transport, carry and store; thirdly, it is simple to install and easy to operate; fourthly, it is economical and practical, and can change pictures many times. Therefore, many stores choose to use banner stand to expand their visibility and influence.

The design of banner stand is simple and generous, and the motor drives the screen to rotate cyclically, which makes the screen more dynamic, and the installation of the screen is easy and fast. banner stand is suitable for the use of commodity display, promotion, exhibition, news release and other occasions.

Features of banner stand: alloy material, simple shape, lightweight and portable, easy to transport and store easy to install, easy to operate economical and practical, can replace the screen many times.

The size of banner stand: 60x160cm 80x200cm 120x200cm 150x200cm Special can be customized.

Banner Stand

banner stand use precautions: uncertainty, please consult the installation and use method, storage, transport process to maintain a single package, prohibit heavy pressure.