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Why Events Prefer Outdoor Flags
 Nov 17, 2021|View:41

Towards the end of the year, there are more and more events. Especially affected by the epidemic in the first half of the year, many race events are cancelled or postponed until the end of the year. Grass and beach can also use straight ground plug as the base, Outdoor Flags both cost-saving and more beautiful, easy to carry and install.

Outdoor Flags

Reasons for Outdoor Flags' popularity

bellavim is a 15-year experience of the veteran factory, has been committed to the research and development of Outdoor Flags for many years, its base has dozens of species, and is still in the continuous development and improvement.

Outdoor Flags is different from the traditional water-filled knife flag, bellavim has been using a higher quality, adaptable to a variety of different scenes of the base. Customers can choose from a wider variety of flags, and no longer a single water-filled flag. The concrete floor of the event can be made of beautiful and light weight crosses, which can save transportation cost and make it easier for the staff to organize. Cross-country event mountain track roadside can be used straight ground insert, straight ground insert 51cm deep into the ground, very solid.

Most of the race event organizers are held every year, not just so once. So durability becomes a requirement for procurement. The main reason why traditional Outdoor Flags are favored by everyone is the low price, the same low price brings the price is the quality of the force is not satisfactory. If it is only used so once broken, the next event to purchase again, back and forth to pay more purchase costs, not to mention that the shipping costs are also a considerable expense.

Flag base

And Outdoor Flags is a good solution to this problem. All Outdoor Flags provide a warranty of one to three years depending on the quality, customers can choose according to their needs, as long as the damage is under normal use can come to us, so many years our damage rate of less than 0.05%, how good the quality is enough to see.