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Classification and details of banner stands
 Nov 22, 2021|View:33

Banner stands, also known as product portable displays and information stands, are one of the props. It has a personalized appearance, powerful functions, and also has an advertising effect, so as to achieve better profitability.

banner stands

Classification of banner stands:

1、banner stands can be classified according to the style of.

Floor display stands, magnetic levitation display stands, desktop display stands, hanging display stands, shaped display stands, theme display stacks, rotating display stands

2、According to the material can be divided into.

Paper display stand, metal display stand, plexiglass display stand, plastic display stand, chevron display stand, composite display stand, titanium display stand

3、Banner stands can be divided according to the use of.

Exhibition display stand, clothing display stand, food display stand, lubricant display stand, toy display stand, digital product display stand, daily necessities display stand, data display stand, jewelry display stand, publicity display stand, cosmetic display stand, etc.

Door display stand:

Door type display rack, also known as outdoor mouth type rack, the rack is surrounded by galvanized iron pipe + baking paint. The base is divided into two kinds of iron and water injection, there are general type, thickened type, special thick type. General size: 60cmx160cm 80cmx180cm 120cmx200cm


X display stand is a kind of advertising, back with X-shaped bracket exhibition display supplies. General size: 60x160cm 80x180cm

Portable display stand:

Aluminum alloy display stand is a portable poster stand, easy to install the display stand around the frame to break open the screen can be placed and then closed, convenient and simple. Portable display stand is divided into two styles: single-sided and double-sided.

General size: 60cmx80cm 60cmx90cm 80x120cm 90x120cm

Floor stand:

The floor stand is a stand-alone display stand, specially placed for billboard type posters. Only single-sided screen can be displayed, the size of the screen can be adjusted, suitable for indoor use.

General size: 50cmx70cm 60cmx90cm

Display stand:

The display stand, also known as stand-up display stand, belongs to a high-end aluminum display stand. It can be displayed on both sides and is mostly used in high-end shopping malls and brand activities.


The general size of easy-roller: 60cmx160cm 80cmx200cm The width of easy-roller can be customized, but a larger order quantity is needed, and the height of the screen is generally not less than 150cm.

pop display stand:

Pop is the advertising of selling places, which is the general name of the on-site advertising made inside and outside all shopping places (department stores, shopping centers, malls, supermarkets, convenience stores).

Pull-up display stand

Pull-up display stand:

banner stands is one of the most commonly used exhibition display equipment in exhibitions or company meetings, its entire body is all aluminum alloy structure, very easy to disassemble and install, and can be reused several times.