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Tube Banner Stand and Easy Puller, which is better
 Nov 29, 2021|View:109

New store openings, large industry conferences, events, etc., will use Tube Banner Stand, easy to pull the treasure and other tools to promote, set the atmosphere, to attract the attention of pedestrians and guests. So, what exactly are Tube Banner Stand and Easy Puller, and what is the difference between them?

Tube Banner Stand

First of all, the Tube Banner Stand is a new type of advertising display stand, the door-shaped frame structure can well highlight the advertising content of the posters hanging on it. Compared with other similar stands, it is not only more stable and reliable, but also has a window-like appearance, which looks more high-grade and is therefore popular in the advertising industry.

It is often used for indoor activities, assisting individual roadshow sales activities, or exhibition booth promotional activities, etc. Because it is relatively easy to carry, it is one of the commonly used exhibition stands in the market.

As for the difference between Tube Banner Stand and easy to pull up, I think we already know a little from the above, that is, the difference in appearance, Tube Banner Stand shape similar to the shape of the door frame, the four corners have a spring hook, can hook the picture, so that it hangs, more beautiful than easy to pull up, and easy to pull up is a seat ground scroll, from the ground up is a telescopic column, the top of the column has a buckle, the use of the scroll to pull out a vertical poster.

Banner stand accessories

In addition, Tube Banner Stand can be used for both outdoor and indoor publicity, its bottom has a water tank or iron base to maintain stability can prevent wind blowing down, suitable for a variety of fairground activities, etc., available for temporary use outdoors, can be reused. While the stability of the easy to pull the treasure is limited, only suitable for indoor. Secondly, Tube Banner Stand is relatively larger and heavier, not as convenient to carry as EasyBanner, but the display effect is good; EasyBanner is smaller in size, easy to carry and install.

In fact, there is no big difference between Tube Banner Stand and easy-to-open, and the price difference is not big, so you can customize and purchase according to your actual needs.