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Characteristics and trends of Banner Stands
 Dec 08, 2021|View:282

Banner Standsis a very effective form of advertising in the market because of its large font size, a small number of words, and strong visual impact compared to other end-of-pipe products, the terminal point of entry, community; can be used in sales promotion, etc. . As a result of the strengthening of urban management, Banner Stands are on the trend, with the issuance of Banner advertisements in cities mainly by advertising agencies, while the trend is for enterprises to publish their own banners at will, mainly extending from cities to rural areas. The effectiveness of the banner is characterized by the following:

Banner Stands

1. Features of the Banner Stands design: strong contrast in color, usually in two colors, large handwriting, and small word count.

2. Banner Stands are generally divided into cross-street banners, point-of-sale banners, community banners, etc., sales Point Banner, Community Banner, rural banners mainly issued by the enterprise marketing personnel.

3. The steps and matters needing attention of advertising agency releasing banner.

(1)The enterprise and the advertising agency reach an agreement on various matters concerning the publication of the banner. In addition to the normal elements of the agreement, the main elements of the agreement are published. Time, place of publication, banner content, number of publications, price of publication, a notice of publication, etc.

(2) To urge the advertising agency to make and handle the relationship with the city management department.

(3) Publishing in strict accordance with the release agreement, after the release of the Advertising Company, shall be released to the enterprise, the enterprise shall check the release list.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the most commonly used exhibition display equipment in exhibitions or company meetings, its entire body is all aluminum alloy structure, very easy to disassemble and install, and can be reused several times.