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Four different forms of Banner Stands
 Dec 18, 2021|View:294

Whether you run a small retail store or a large department store, every store needs to adopt a brand advertising strategy to attract new customers. Outdoor Banner Standsare ideal for stores that operate locally. A compelling Banner Stands or logo can draw more people into the store, while also making the brand known and familiar to more people. Here are four Banner Stands for your reference:

Banner Stands

Wall Banner Stands uses a simple frame design to display your ads. The Banner Stands are usually square or rectangular and can be anchored to the center of the frame by running a rope or rubber band through the buttonhole on the Banner Stands and wrapping it around a metal tube. The entire stationary ground Banner Stands are attached to the wall by means of a fence-supporting joint which can be fixed to any surface including wood, concrete, and brick. The advertising display rack is easy to install and saves cost.

The design of the frame is similar to the one above, except that it is fixed to the ground. This kind of display rack is often used in some sports events.

Banner Stands

The self-standing Banner Stands do not need to be fixed to the floor or walls, so they are very portable and mobile, but they are not a permanent solution. In most cases, the weight of the frame will keep it from tipping over, but in strong winds, you may need to place a sandbag at the bottom to keep it stable.

The A-line Banner Stands can be displayed on both sides of an advertisement. It is not fixed to the floor or wall and can be moved easily. The t-joint on the display rack can be adjusted at any angle.

Banner stands are one of the most commonly used exhibition display equipment in exhibitions or company meetings, its entire body is all aluminum alloy structure, very easy to disassemble and install, and can be reused several times.