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How about banner stands
 Apr 14, 2022|View:650

In large and small exhibitions, we often see many Banner Stands in the exhibition, the Banner Stand is characterized as a banner for fixing on the ground, and can keep the aesthetics of the display panel, and has the effect of increasing the promotion of the product.

Banner Stand

Banner Stand first originated in Europe and the United States, at that time, many industries in Europe and the United States have the demand for publicity, due to this huge demand
Food and beverage, daily chemical, home appliances, home, building materials, wine of many exhibitions and industry internal will need to have a thing to promote the product. So the role of Banner Stand is fully brought out, and in many marketing and holiday promotions for merchants to bring very good sales, so Banner Stand has been used down.

The surface of Banner Stand is photo-jet paper covered with matte or high-gloss film layer, but it does not affect their easy installation and flexible characteristics.

Economy EZ Tube Banner Stand

Banner Stand is used in which scenes.

The current application is more widely used in shopping malls, exhibitions, large stores, companies, supermarkets, job fairs, commercial promotions, exhibition advertising, conference presentations and other activities.