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Points to note for all types of Banner Stands
 Jan 14, 2022|View:629

The Banner Stands is one of the advertising production processes. Here is a brief summary of our experience over the years on what we should pay attention to and what we should know when developing Banner Stands.

Banner Stands

The first and most important aspect is the size: Banner Stands vary according to their size in terms of design, fabrication, and requirements. For Banner Stands, there are generally two commonly used sizes, namely 60X160CM and 80x180cm. The second is the style. There are also two types of models commonly used, namely the Banner Stands and the XBanner Stands. The Model X Banner Stands, which is not only more stable and reliable than its rivals but also looks like a shop window, looks more upscale, while the Model X Banner Stands is adjustable in size and can be divided into upper and lower parts.

Banner Stands

check the parts before assembly: 4 Mounting Springs, support bar and base, promotional display, screws.

1. First screw the Banner Stands stand base and the lower end of the iron pipe.

2. After fixing the base and lower rod, assemble the iron pipes in turn.

3. When the pipes are assembled, the spring hooks are installed.

4. Attach the spring hooks to the four corners of the Banner Stands.

5. Then is the screen installation, epidemic prevention, and control propaganda screen from the upper left corner of the installation, directly hanging the spring hook into the screen buttonhole, the order in the upper left, the upper right, the lower left, the lower right order installation.