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SEG lightbox advantages and installation methods
 Jul 15, 2022|View:407

What are the advantages of SEG Lightbox in this era of lightbox advertising? How Do I install it? Here's a look at the advantages of SEG Lightbox and how to install it.

The advantages of SEG Lightbox


Advertising light box is a long-lasting, all-weather release, easier for the audience to see, can easily see it.

Stand Out

Outdoor light box advertising through the door, notice (publicity) bar, pole light box painting in the form of display advertising content. Larger than other print advertising illustrations, fonts are also large, and very eye-catching.

Environmentally friendly and durable

Now many LED light box, light box long-term reliable and durable, the use of high-quality LED light sources, long life, and cost-effective very high. And, a low-voltage DC power supply, not only saves electricity but is also safe.

The SEG Lightbox installation method

First of all, determine the location of the light box installation, according to the actual situation and the lightbox to determine the installation method.

Measurement size: according to the back of the light box installation hole location or the actual size of the field to determine the fixed point of the light box installation.

SEG Lightbox

Fixed Light Box:

A) on-site wall for aluminum, wood, iron plate, etc., can be fixed directly with self-tapping screws;

B) the side wall is made of cement or brick, which can be drilled by impact drilling and then fixed with expansion screws:

C) on-site wall for ceramic tile, marble, glass, etc., can first drill through the surface with a glass drill, then drill expansion screw hole, and then fixed lightbox or use adhesive way.

D) the lightbox that needs to be lifted or hung on the spot, after choosing the proper installation position, the fixed point of the lightbox should be determined according to the actual size of the light box installation hole, and then the lifting parts should be installed and connected to the ground wire.

Wiring: The outlet of the normal light box power cord in the back, if the site of the power supply in the light box back, can cut the plug of the original power cord, direct wiring, and the power connection with insulation tape tight; If the power supply is outside the position of the lightbox, the outlet line of the power supply can be connected to the edge of the lightbox, and then the three-phase plug is inserted into the power outlet.

Fixed Light Box: open the top cover of the light box and install it at the positive fixed point (i. e. drill the power line at the base of the lightbox, reinstall the power line and adjust it to the horizontal state with a level ruler)

Turn on the light, and clean the surface of the lightbox.

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